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"Becoming an Unstoppable Woman" Book Series

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In the spirit of collaboration over competition,  25 Inspiring Women from across the world came together to write this anthology. In this incredibly inspiring book, they share their personal journeys of overcoming fear, adversity and limiting beliefs, while living as Unstoppable Women.


Michèle Kline, founder of Kline Hospitality, shares with a hint of wit and that positivity which defines her, part of her story. In her chapter "Win or Learn!", she indulges readers with 14 tools to BECOMING AN UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN!


In the book "Becoming an Unstoppable Woman - Entrepreneur", volume #2, she shares with readers her journey into entrepreneurship and closes with valuable tools to make the process successful. Michèle's chapter is titled "YOU are your biggest asset".

For Women who are seeking inspiration or are ready to let their glow inspire others, and for Men who want to gain perspective on why the differences between genders add value to any bottom line.  

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