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Imagine a world where the people delivering the service are as fulfilled as those enjoying it... 


We believe that culture change can be achieved when we become aware of what the root of the problem is. We customize a coaching plan for each organization, depending on what their growing pains are. 

Culture change means proactively building the environment we want to work in, by transcending the politics of the moment and setting the standard of team work, purpose, and respect.

We aim to create cultures where everyone feels seen, appreciated and inspired. 

Our cycle includes three stages: 

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Through an external image assessment, we put ourselves in your customers' shoes and preform a 360 degree evaluation of the quality of your service & product. We then put ourselves in your employees' shoes and assess your company's culture and effectiveness of its processes, by performing an internal image assessment.

Our main objective is to truly comprehend how your customers and employees think and feel about your company, service and product, in order to craft the best solution to meet the needed change. A solution that will move the needle and stick!



Analyzing from the inside out



Strategic planning
& Implementation

This is the inevitable zone of disruption. Based on what we learned, we propose ways to fine-tune processes, improve resources, assist with digital transformation and build stronger more confident leaders & team members. This is the first step to creating a culture of care and growth.


By facilitating and moderating difficult conversations in creative ways, we are able to meet your team in the middle and learn a lot more about the barriers that are holding them back from the needed change.


Getting your team involved in the strategic planning process that will lead to change, allows us to make them part of finding viable solutions. We successfully find common ground, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. They end up owning the goal!

We provide you with progressive follow up visits and/or virtual touch points, to ensure accountability and sustainability remain in check.

Our ultimate goal is to establish where the learning gaps are, re-imagine the learning experience and craft a training plan your team will genuinely engage with.  Your team can receive the tools and methodology to feel stronger as leaders, co-workers and service providers, allowing them to successfully attain their goals consistently. 

Our development programs, bring leaders & team members to a higher level of effectiveness in their job performance, as they become more involved and start feeling they have a purpose. We strongly believe that professional development and continuous education make employees feel valued, resulting in higher employee engagement and increased retention.

Additionally, if you have your own training programs you need to implement, we equip you with expert facilitators who can genuinely connect with your people, to expedite the process and help you meet deadlines. Leaders who understand the industry and keep bigger picture at the forefront. 



Development crafted for success


Whatever you’re struggling with, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Director of Human Resources, Luxury Hotel & Casino 

"During my work experience with Michele, she proved to be a consummate professional. She always delivered on promises and ensured that her team met or exceeded the service standards set by our organization. She truly listened to the needs of her client and worked as our business partner. I found her to be attentive, responsive and timely when it came to servicing our contract. Without hesitation, I would recommend Michele to or for any organization considering her or her services… she is a class act. 
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