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Our Story...

Kline Hospitality was founded in 2010, out of an unparalleled passion to strengthen operating procedures, enhance company culture and focus on leadership development, within the Hospitality & Service Industries.

As the years progress and companies continue to look at injecting “hospitality” in their way of doing business, we have branched out to help customer-facing businesses in various industries, who seek to run their show, the hospitality way! Creating strong teams, guided by genuine and empathetic leaders, who not only cherish their customers, but most importantly, their PEOPLE.
We provide one-on-one coaching & mentoring, leadership training facilitation, and group-coaching workshops to help individuals grow and explore a new phase of their careers, enhancing their life and that of those around them. We are licensed to teach the John C. Maxwell content and are genuinely committed to the transformation of the leaders we work with. We nurture a desire for improvement and self-development through methodologies, understanding and enlightenment.
We additionally have partnerships with selected solution providers to complement our services and strategically advise on digital transformation and adoption.

Our mission is to improve productivity, increase quality and inspire leadership to grow! We equip leaders with tools to improve their leadership & communication style, quality of their service, overall performance, and personal growth.

behind the scenes


Michèle Kline

President & Founder 

With over two decades of experience in the Hospitality & Service Industry, in Operations and Human Resources, and having held several executive roles throughout her career, Michèle Kline founder of Kline Hospitality, offers her clients expertise and dedicated attention.
As a certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker member of the Maxwell Leadership Team, she passionately shares with her clients, the timeless teachings of leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell.
Her purpose? To help Leaders find their passion, ignite transformation, and inspire them to grow.

Michèle, an industry expert in organizational behavior, communication, and process improvement, has a proven track record of having developed and repositioned many operations within some of the finest brands in the United States and South America. Among some, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Hilton, Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental, Caesars Entertainment, Pinnacle Entertainment, Affinity Gaming, Penn Entertainment, Wyndham Hotels, Destination Hotels, Diamond Resorts, and the list goes on. Her attention to detail in every aspect of the operation has made her stand out in the industry.

With academic formation in Communication, Michèle holds certifications in Kaizen, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, among others. Also, a certified Life Coach, who is passionate about helping professionals grow, by guiding them into a new phase of their lives. Bringing the perfect combination to any Leader who is seeking success in life.
As a respected builder and leader of customer-focused teams; she instills a shared and enthusiastic commitment to customer service, as a key driver of company goal attainment. It is her priority to work diligently on developing a personal, open, and transparent relationship with her clients.

Recipient of the 2018 "Learning & Development Professional of the Year" award, in the State of Nevada, she has coached and developed hundreds of leaders in the Hotel, Gaming & Service segments. As well as being awarded the "Global Top 15 Trainers in Hospitality 2021" award. In 2022 she was selected by Entrepreneur Herald within the "Top 5 Coaches To Look Out For" and received the "Executive Coaching" award by CEO Today. In 2023, selected as the "Most Transformative Leadership Coach in Nevada", as part of the Global Excellence Awards.

Co-founder & co-creator of "WTF! Walk The Floors", an organization focused on all things hospitality training, through our training program and podcast, She sheds light on the areas of opportunity leaders miss when managing from behind their desks. With the podcast she is committed to inspiring leaders to get out of their comfort zone and learn through experiencing their operations and connecting with their people.

As part of my commitment to advocating for DEIB, she co-founded "We THRIVE," a networking circle aimed to connect, empower, and transform women's lives from all backgrounds, professions and ages. At WeTHRIVE, she took the “work” out of “network” and created a firm net for Women to connect and grow, together!
Michèle has been passionate about giving back since a very young age. Enhancing the industry through the growth of others, advocating for diversity, equality & inclusion and selflessly helping people, is part of her life long mission. Serving her community in boards & committees with the objective of educating and developing professionals as well as getting involved hands-on, she is part of several philanthropic organizations.

International bestselling author for several books that promote self-development and a mindset of success, Michèle passionately strives to “inspire others and promote collaboration”.

Mark Kline


With an extensive background in business management, having dedicated more than two decades of his life to renown international technology organizations, such as Cisco, IGT, Digital Barriers, FLIR Systems, Bosch & Philips, Mark is the perfect addition to Kline Hospitality.


As Partner, he brings a strategic approach and a wealth of knowledge in gaming system operations, security & surveillance and digital transformation, in the hospitality, gaming and retail industries.

He continues to represent as subject matter expert in several speaking engagements across the country, inspiring and educating those in the technology vertical of all industries.

Having served in the U.S. Army as part of the Intelligence Unit, Mark has admirable discipline which is reflected in everything he sets his mind to. He is driven about teaching this as a key to success.

Mark is passionate about motivation, empowerment, effectiveness, results, and TEAM work. He is all about the POSSIBLE in people, connections and solutions. Living in a highly competitive world with an array of communication platforms that allow us to share ideas, make change and influence our decisions, being the best of who we are and how we show up, is what excites him.

He believes in collaboration, hard work and continues to passionately serve as mentor to many young professionals in various industries. He enjoys coaching "leaders in the making".

This power-couple is committed to making a difference in people's lives!

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