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Renew You

Reset, Refresh & Renovate by "spring cleaning" your life in only 12 weeks! A Coaching program for busy professionals brought to you by Michèle Kline.

If you're feeling stuck in your career or personal life, it might be time for a change. My structured process will guide you towards success. Look no further than this roadmap to transformation!

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With carefully crafted prompts and exercises, you'll be able to create goals, take actionable steps, and track your progress towards a life and career you love.

This method is designed to help you
achieve your goals fast and with laser focus. Don't wait any longer to start your journey towards making a 360 IMPACT in your life - try out this roadmap today!


What is this Program about

What if I told you that achieving high performance and being an impactful leader while at the same time enjoying well-being is possible? After 20 years of working in high-impact roles, I’ve realized a simple solution can address a shared problem.


Sharing my 360 IMPACT method to find work-life balance through self-awareness while building a community of mutual growth has become my life purpose. I promise you will rekindle your love for your career and the little things in life!


Are you ready to begin this journey?

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Transform in 90 Days

 What is included​

  • 12 Consecutive weeks 1-hour Strategic Group Coaching

  • Support via email & text in between sessions

  • Digital workbook

  • Video recording of guided session (in case you missed it!)

 What you will accomplish

  • Gain clarity around where your life stands 

  • Clean up your life from anything that doesn’t serve you

  • Discover & set clear achievable goals

  • Take action

* Meet virtually once a month for continued growth & accountability. Keeping a pulse on your goals while building social capital


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Grow from day one.

NEW start date: April 1st, 2024 (February & March dates already full)

By clicking "Book Now" you are accepting these Terms & Conditions


I'm available to answer any questions. Let's connect!

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Reflect on your life & career, pinpoint sources of happiness, set aligned goals, and take initial steps.

Month 1


Month 2

Clean Up

Declutter your life, release what no longer serves you, assess relationships, and eliminate energy drains.

Month 3

Take Action

Form a supportive spark team, establish beneficial daily habits, define meaningful goals, and create a self-accountability routine for the future.

Month 4+


Become part of a community of goal oriented and happiness seeker professionals, ready to beat The Hamster Wheel Syndrome. Benefit from each other’s insights and experiences for sustained growth.


Hello! I’m Michèle and I’ll be your Coach,

My journey began in the hospitality industry in 2010, with a mission to inspire professionals to grow by empowering them to lead with a different approach and achieve outstanding performance.

I believe that when inspired, professionals feel energized and motivated to be their best. My impact has been on a global level and across all industries. I have a hands-on approach to Coaching and I’ve developed an outside-the-box method.

– Michele Kline.png

By clicking "Book Now" you are accepting these Terms & Conditions


Director - Communications Industry

Moving from a corporate job to the world of entrepreneurship is not an easy transition to make. I reached out to Michele when I was considering that move, and the work we did together was incredibly helpful. From navigating the biggest decisions to getting clarity around my core offerings, Michele asked the right questions to keep me on track and moving forward. Michele is a non-judgmental voice of reason, and I'd highly recommend her services!

My impact on others

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