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Coaching is a learning approach that creates self-awareness, helps drive transformational change, and provides critical challenge & support. It is an effective tool for developing leadership skills, enhancing performance & achieving long-term success in every aspect of your life.


Specializing in:
💥 Career - From job transition to entrepreneurship, become more strategic, assertive & focused on what matter most. 
💥 Influence - Gain visibility, find & learn to use your authentic voice. 
💥 Well-being - Preform at your best while feeling your best.
💥 Leadership - Find purpose at work & in life. Lead with confidence & build up, inspire, & empower those around you. 
💥 Communication - Fine-tune your ability to present, communicate & collaborate with others effectively.
💥 Time & Energy management - Increase your productivity &  accomplish more. 
💥 Strategic management - Plan & execute complex projects while collaborating with others.


Realize your potential & build your skills. Become a better leader, instill inspiration, & propel others to reach their full potential. Learn how to lead through delegation, establish trust, & galvanize others to reach for success. 


Intentional adjustments that lead to transformation, with a strategic approach!

Use the calendar available on the next step, to book your first session. After payment has been confirmed, you will receive a link to book all sessions thereafter.


It is essential to our coaching relationship that you can be open and share honestly.  Our conversations are entirely confidential, unless the release of information is otherwise authorized or requested by you, you have indicated you plan to do harm to yourself or others, or the release of information is required by law.


We request that you make your coaching sessions a priority.  In the event that you need to reschedule, do so at least 48 hours in advance.  Likewise, we may also need to reschedule a session on occasion.  We will give you as much notice as possible and try to make rescheduling convenient. 


You will be charged as soon as you choose a price plan (amount of sessions as a package), by selecting "Book now".

By proceeding with this purchase,  I agree to the terms outlined above.


To bring this program to your organization, contact us at

One-on-One Custom Coaching

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