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LEAD - Difficult Conversations

7 Steps To Prepare & 9 Steps To Address Dreadful Conversations!

  • 30 minutes
  • In-Person or Virtual

Service Description

In this transformational workshop, learn to use your voice and deal with difficult conversations! What is a difficult conversation? Asking for a pay increase, saying 'no' to a client, confronting a supplier, apologizing about something you did or failed to do, coaching someone on your team. We all have conversations that we dread and find unpleasant. But can we develop the skills to make such situations less stressful and more productive? In this class, your team at every level will learn to turn difficult conversations into positive, problem-solving experiences. During this class, your team will learn: 🪜 7 Steps to prepare for any difficult conversation 🛠 9 Tools to gracefully address difficult conversations 📕 10 Phrases you can use while managing a difficult conversation This class is impactful on a personal and professional level. Great for teams on any department and level. Length: 2 hours ----- To bring this program to your organization, book a 30-minute discovery call by selecting "Book Now."

Contact Details

Las Vegas, NV

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