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The power of QUIET

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

In a country that often leads us to believe that extroversion is the norm, it’s not always easy to be an introvert. Introverts are everywhere, but they often go unnoticed. If there is an introvert in your Team, circle of Friends or your Family, read below and gain perspective...

1. Introverts are often labeled as quiet:

They usually don’t talk much. Sometimes they don’t have anything to say, because they prefer though-out conversations over small talk. Other times they just don’t have the energy to talk.

2. They enter a group and become invisible 5 minutes into the conversation:

When meeting a group of new people, they try their best to give a good first impression and appear sociable. Eventually, however, they lose people’s attention because small talk isn’t their strength.

3. They dislike the spotlight or sharing personal experiences:

When put in the spotlight, introverts struggle because they are very uncomfortable being the center of attention and quickly divert the attention elsewhere. Additionally when there is a situation that requires for them to share their feelings or experiences, introverts are put in a very difficult situation. They will share, when they believe is the right time.

4. They feel lonelier at social events than they do when they’re by themselves:

They could be standing in a room full of people but they still feel isolated and out of place. They crave deep conversations, but all they get is small talk.

5. They feel totally exhausted when they have to spend significant amounts of time with a large group of people they don’t know:

If they have to spend a day or more with new coworkers or classmates they feel completely wiped out by the time they’re done. By the time the day ends, there’s only one thing on their mind: going home and enjoying some alone time. These situations are so much more draining for them than they are for other people, that it can take them a few days of needing quiet time, to recover.

6. They find it hard to think when they are in a group:

They can’t keep their thoughts straight when people around them are talking. They think before they speak and often need silence to gather their thoughts and offer insights. They often find themselves frustrated at the completion of group projects because they don’t feel they contributed as much as they could have.

7. They feel like everything they say must be invaluable and perfect:

They don’t often raise their hand in class or speak up at work because they think that everything they say must be profound and flawless. They carefully filter their words and feel enormous pressure to say the right things.

8. They don't enjoy phone calls:

They dislike receiving phone calls and absolutely dread making them. They frequently ignore a ringing phone, and call the person back later when they feel ready. They relax if they see that the caller is someone they’re close to, because it’s less draining to talk to someone they know well. Beyond any other way of communication, they prefer text and email.

With this in mind, we can unveil some beautiful qualities introverts hold:

  • They are generally more reflective than extroverts and for that, they make time for introspection and processing feedback.

  • They make strong Leaders by showing they can be self-aware.

  • Introverts are naturally strategic thinkers who can keep secrets and always perform active listening with awareness.

  • They are great at problem solving and conflict resolution.

  • Introverts know how to listen and when they give you advice, it has been calculated and well thought-out.

  • They are ok with the way they are and they expect for you to be as well. They don't want to be changed because they believe there is nothing in them that needs to be changed.

  • They make great Friends as they carefully choose. They are unconditionally supportive and fiercely loyal.

  • They are more than just "quiet". Introverts are intensely focused and wildly creative. They show endless passion for work and hobbies.

Next time you tube in with an introvert, keep these things in mind. You will always get more out of a person when you are in alignment with how they operate!

Yours truly,



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