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The power of POSITIVITY

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

While at a business meeting this week, the conversation turned a bit personal. Without many details being shared, I felt the person on the other side of the table was hurting. While maneuvering through muddy territory and taking a leap of faith, I was determined to help with my words.

It was made evident to me that this sweet Woman needed to decompress, to vent. She needed a shoulder to cry on.

So she did.

I worked through the conversation, asked the right questions and in her answers, allowed her to realize there is always a positive side to everything.

To my surprise, and after shedding a few tears she was holding back with enormous effort, she said: “I sincerely appreciate your positivity”, while wiping off tears from her cheek with her hand.

That moment was pivotal.

I knew I was helping her and I appreciated her telling me this in her own way. I recognized this and thanked her for sharing that with me. (I also offered her a hug because I believe in the power of a hug).

But what is “positivity” after all? One can say it is a mindset, a way of looking at the bright side of outcomes.

I say positivity is a lot more than that. It is to constantly look for solutions. It is expecting good results every step of the way. It involves having laser focus on MAKING life happier, for you and everyone around you.

We are not born with “positivity”, we choose it as a way of living.

There is research that suggests that positivity improves well-being, releases stress and increases health.

Choosing positivity also means that you take control of your life and accept responsibility of your actions and as a result, its outcomes.

At this point, if you need positivity in your life you should be asking yourself, how do I become more positive?

My answer to that? Create “feel-good” feelings!

Here are three tools that help me be radically enthusiastic about life and always keep a positive mindset:

  • Bright Side: there is always a positive side to every story. Purposely look for it and run with it.

  • Affirmations & Reminders: rewire your brain daily/weekly with positive affirmations. Keep them top of mind, set digital reminders, sticky notes on your desk or bathroom mirror, or on any visible areas.

  • Appreciation & Gratitude: when we feel (you must feel it!) appreciative or express genuine gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters which are responsible for producing feel-good emotions. Be specific when expressing what you are grateful for.

Here is a little secret that is not so much of a secret to those who believe in positivity… the more positive you are, the more positive you attract. The choice is yours.

Yours truly,



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