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Reframing our communication

Updated: May 21, 2023

Let this piece serve as a reminder or maybe, just maybe, serve you to become aware of the power that intentionally choosing the right words, has in our daily communication. At the end of the day, we are both intentional and careful with the words we choose when negotiating.


Then why are we not, when we have quotidian conversations with those around us? Furthermore, why is it imperative in our role as leaders, to use the right words?

You see, the words you use are a reflection of your character. The words you choose and how you use them

will determine how you are perceived. Whether in a positive or in a negative way.

Effective communication is “the process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and data so that the message is received and understood with clarity and purpose. When we communicate effectively, both the sender and receiver feel satisfied”.

When we communicate, we influence others around us. So, if you want to influence others in a positive way, it is imperative you make a conscious effort to become aware of the words you choose when communicating. Because words have powerful implications!..

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Michele Kline


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