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Updated: May 21, 2023

Another trip around the sun and feeling absolute gratitude!

As many of you start working on your list of intentions or resolutions for 2023, I sit here reflecting on the year I just closed and what being 43 meant.

Dear year 43,

Thank you for allowing me to live a wholesome and balanced life and inspire others along the way. In your honor, here is the recount...

I reconnected with dear old friends and made new ones.

I was gifted with the opportunity to inspire women in my community through We THRIVE.

While leading Kline Hospitality Consulting, I contributed to the growth of numerous global leaders. Coaching incredibly successful executives, I experienced how they could lean into the process and allow me to be an accelerator of their growth (thank you, you all know who you are). I successfully launched my first 2 group coaching programs, which resulted in a much-needed tight community of professionals from various industries. Lastly, honored my word-of-the-year, welcomed new strategic partnerships and expanded my network.

Added value to the guest experience with the multiple projects I worked on and shared the mic with inspiring hospitality friends on the "WTF! Walk The Floors" podcast, while solidifying an excellent training program along with the incredible Stephanie Leger. I could not ask for a partner who aligns better with me than her❤️!

I participated in writing 4 International bestselling books with the guidance of the She Rises Studios team, which inspired many people around the world.

Kline Hospitality was nominated for "Supplier of the Year" Stars of the Industry Awards, by the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, for our contribution to the industry on a State level. I was awarded the “2022 Executive Coaching Award” by CEO Today Magazine. And I became a head contributor for Gaming & Leisure Magazine, allowing me to inspire executives through my words, on the topic of "Leadership".

Although forty-three started with a few bumps in the road, I chose to be in control of my own destiny. To hold my own pen while writing the story of my year.

My learning?

My entire family caught COVID, forcing me to wear all the hats, which allowed me to recognize significant gratitude to my husband for always sharing the load.

I was rear-ended twice within two months, yet I learned from the reaction I had to the first one and worked very hard to let go of the second one (still a work in progress).

I suffered multiple injuries, car & sports related, yet I convinced myself not to let that ruin my vacation, my happiness on the mountain or my desire to stay healthy and fit.

In many instances doubted my efforts to inspire & educate the social media world, yet I found courage in the words of all the brave people who shared with me that they had been learning so much and felt inspired by my content.

Like many entrepreneurs and C-Suit executives, I experienced loneliness a few times, yet I chose to build strong connections that resulted in aligned collaborations.

All these instances I could have given up, but I chose not to. I decided I was the owner of MY year, and I was determined to make it happen!

Being in control and being happy is a choice! All I can say is: BELIEVE!

Tomorrow I work on intentions for 2023. The year is not over yet!

December 31, 2022

Michele Kline

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