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LEAD - With Trust

3 Steps to Creating a Foundation of Trust!

  • 30 minutes
  • In-Person or Virtual

Service Description

WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHT - "Lead - With Trust" 3 Steps to Creating a Foundation of Trust! Lack of trust negatively impacts everything in our personal & professional lives. Leaders must develop the skill of creating trust to be successful. In a world where collaboration is the foundation of most organizational objectives, trust cannot be overlooked because it is trust that takes collaboration to the finish line. Trust is essential to an effective team because it provides a sense of safety. When your team members feel safe with each other, they feel comfortable to open up, take appropriate risks, and expose vulnerabilities. This class will help your team start focusing on the action of "creating" trust as opposed to focusing on the action of "feeling" trust. Specially crafted to: 🛠 Increase trust across the organization 🛠 Unveil & Address trust challenges 🛠 Develop new behaviors to build trust 🛠 Help leaders at all levels identify & close trust gaps 🛠 Better manage change 🛠 Lead high-performing agile teams 🛠 Increase collaboration 🛠 Improve engagement Learn a process that will enable you to create trust in those relationships around you intentionally. Length: 2 hours ----- To bring this program to your organization, book a 30-minute discovery call by selecting "Book Now."

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Las Vegas, NV

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