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LEAD - Strong Teams

5 Lessons that move the needle!

  • 30 minutes
  • In-Person or Virtual

Service Description

If you feel your team could improve their ability to work together, this training workshop is for them. Strong teams work towards achieving a common goal, carrying the same weight and committed at the same level. Create a healthy environment by getting to the bottom of those tricky interpersonal dynamics before they escalate! This course addresses five challenges most teams face. By bringing people with different perspectives together, this course results in an improvement in problem solving and lead to smarter, more sustainable decision making. Move your team from being where they are to becoming incredibly functioning! This course targets: ⚡️ Trust - absence of ⚡️ Conflict - fear of ⚡️ Commitment - lack of ⚡️ Accountability - avoidance of ⚡️ Results - inattention to Each behavior is interconnected and directly impacts the one that follows. Specially crafted to: 🛠 Increase trust across the organization 🛠 Address conflict with confidence 🛠 Adopt commitment as a natural behavior 🛠 Embrace accountability & take the first step 🛠 Focus on what matters most, THE goal Leading teams with strong interpersonal relation is a process that requires dedication and commitment. With the right tools in place and the consistency required, any team can move from being dysfunctional to being proudly high-performing and feeling happily rewarded! Length: 10 hours (2 hours each module) ----- To bring this program to your organization, book a 30-minute discovery call by selecting "Book Now."

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Las Vegas, NV

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