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PERFORMANCE - Growth Mindset

Changing the way, we think & feel about things!

  • 30 minutes
  • Virtual & In-Person

Service Description

People that exhibit a growth mindset, a belief that they have the potential to get better with hard work, good strategies and help from other, set more challenging goals in life and pursue those goals longer. People with a fixed mindset tend to believe that they have limited potential to improve and set less challenging goals. The good news is that you can develop your mindset to be one of growth. Your mindset can be changed from moment to moment, depending on the circumstances and more. For your team to have a growth mindset it takes awareness and practice. This class will teach them just that, while pushing them outside of their comfort zone. After this workshop, your team will: 🎯 See opportunities instead of obstacles 🎯 Choose to challenge themselves to learn more 🎯 Want to get out of their comfort zone Length: 2 hours ----- To bring this program to your organization, book a 30 minutes discovery call by selecting "Book Now".

Cancellation Policy

Confidentiality: It is essential to our coaching relationship that you can be open and share honestly. Our conversations are entirely confidential, unless the release of information is otherwise authorized or requested by you, you have indicated you plan to do harm to yourself or others, or the release of information is required by law. Sessions will not be recorded or released at any time. Changes/Cancellations: For one-on-one services, we will work with you if you need to reschedule as our schedule allows. Please let us know 48 hours in advance about any changes you need to make. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled within the 48 hour timeframe will be charged at 100% . For group sessions cancellations are not refundable. If you purchase a membership that is debited monthly, you can cancel it at any time and will not be billed from that point forward. Refunds: Due to the nature of the process, results cannot be guaranteed therefore all services are non-refundable. Billing/Payments: Packages, Plans & Memberships are automatically debited from a credit card you designate upon booking. Other services invoices individually can be paid via Venmo or Zelle or via credit card upon receiving the invoice. By proceeding, you agree to the terms detailed above.

Contact Details

Las Vegas, NV

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