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Community Coaching (Group)

Continued support while building social capital!

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Service Description

Community coaching was created as a supplemental development tool. It provides support and an ongoing cadence of accountability to those interested in continuing to reach their full potential, while building social capital. Benefits: 💥 Sense of community 💥 Focus on a specific area of growth with others who are simultaneously working on that area 💥 Build momentum, accountability and support 💥 Perspective from others who are relatable 💥 Less expensive than individual coaching 💥 Opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people This membership provides a virtual venue for participants with a shared interest to advance their personal & professional development, deepen their desire to live a more meaningful life and share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips. Each meeting is a safe space to create & share goals, discuss obstacles or challenges, give & get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins. Whether you need to stay on track with your progress, continue to gain knowledge on methods or work on new strategies, this membership will give you the boost you all need. Meet virtually on the last Tuesday of every month at 6pm PDT. What to expect: 🎯 Guided meetings around specific topics related to growth 🎯 Prompted group discussions 🎯 Learn new techniques together 🎯 Close every meeting by committing to an action Length: 1 hour monthly Price: $35 monthly When: Every last Monday of the month at 6:pm PDT

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Las Vegas, NV

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