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The 3 W's of Quiet Quitting

Updated: Mar 27

As quiet quitting increasingly becomes a topic of discussion, I found it appropriate to invite our readers to identify the three W’s of what seems to be an epidemic.

Nearly 60% of the global workforce has been reported to suffer from “quiet quitting”. A Gallup poll revealed that 50% of employees experienced “quiet quitting” in 2022 and 51% of the global workforce actively pursued new job opportunities. 


You find yourself wishing, wondering, and worrying when this will hit your operation. And the truth is, nobody wants to feel the uncertainty this sticky topic brings upon us.


“Quiet quitting” is like a black hole. It is there, we know it exists and we are intensely hoping it won’t swallow every sign of good character there is left in our people.


I am here to shed some light so that you can gain very specific clarity.


Let’s rip off the band aid, shall we?


To know if your operation has gotten the “Quiet Quitting” plague, familiarize yourself these 3 questions:

·       WHO is showing the signs?

·       WHY is this happening?

·       WHAT can I do about it?

Michele Kline

March, 2024

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