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Bringing awareness about WOMEN EQUALITY

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Accepting women's viewpoints or making an effort to seek them, raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, and training, these are all things we should all be aware of.

It is not a raise Gentlemen, we are in this world together. Let's embrace our differences and use them to enhance each other.

As a young immigrant from Argentina, and through intentionality and dedication, I built my career in the Hospitality Industry, “playing chess and not checkers”. Consciously seeing the big picture, adeptly anticipating several moves in advance and always being proactive, I was able to rise. Most importantly, through my experience and passion, I help others rise too.

As founder and operator of Kline Hospitality Consulting LLC, a firm which focuses on helping businesses and professionals grow, through the application of coaching, process improvement methodologies, targeted talent recruiting and service & image quality assessments, I have been providing the industry with tools to improve the quality of its services, increase financial performance and promote the growth of those professionals invested in it.

Multi-market, national & international experience, gave me extensive perspective and knowledge in pre/post opening planning and execution of field operations.

Acknowledged for always exceeding budget goals and increasing productivity, while understanding that relationships in business are a key ingredient to success, I promote collaboration throughout my network to continuously develop new business and strengthen Client/Vendor relationships.

Also known as “a fixer”, I am a respected Leader, expert in building customer-focused Teams, as a result of my advanced knowledge in Human Resources, Employee Relations and Coaching.

I am a strategic thinker, with optimal organizational skills and a proven track record of improving operational efficiency in various local and internationally known brands.

Executing with a personalized and hands-on approach, I am exceptionally detail oriented and attribute my success to my strong drive, incomparable passion and caring approach.

Recipient of the 2018 Learning & Development Professional of the Year award in Hospitality, in the State of Nevada - United States of America, I have coached and developed hundreds of leaders in the Hotel, Gaming and Service segments, in the United States & numerous countries in Latin America.

Serving the community as Chairperson of the Education Committee for the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, Council Members of the Women in Lodging and member of the Housekeeping & Sustainability Committee for the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, I am passionate for giving back and enhancing the industry through the growth of others. I encourage diversity & inclusion, as a key driver to the success of Teams and communities alike.

I passionately strives to inspire others, promote collaboration and diligently serve the experience. My mission is to continuously IMPROVE productivity, MOTIVATE leadership and ENGAGE professionals, towards extraordinary SUCCESS.

I WANT to inspire you! To order the book go to:

Yours truly,



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