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Boasting about the many hours that you work is not sexy!

At the risk of sounding offensive, I am here to call your attention to a fundamental matter. Wearing your long-working hours as a badge of honor IS NOT SEXY!

If I have not offended you, please keep reading; you have a friend in me and can trust I am in your corner.

Maybe you are that person, or perhaps you know that person; whichever the case, I am here to remind you that when you do not know how to slow down, life eventually takes care of that for you.

Let that sink in.

According to the Britannica encyclopedia, workaholism, also called work addiction, is a compulsive desire to work.

Workaholism is defined in various ways. In general, however, it is characterized by working excessive hours (beyond the workplace or financial requirements), thinking continually about work, and lacking work enjoyment unrelated to actual workplace demands.

In roughly 40 years, the term has become a part of colloquial language. Research into this topic has also increased during the past two decades, and the terms work addiction, workaholism, and excessive overwork have been used interchangeably.

Michele Kline


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