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HOSPITALITY - Walk The Floors

Enhance COMMUNICATION, acquire a sense of OWNERSHIP and TAKE ACTION to reach sustainable success!

  • 30 minutes
  • In-Person or Virtual

Service Description

A 360 workshop that is transforming managers into influential organizational leaders, this training empowers mid-level managers (Leads, Supervisors, Managers, Directors) to cultivate hospitality. Crafted using real-life scenarios, these two industry veterans genuinely connect with their trainees. Perfect for leaders seeking to significantly impact the people they serve. Delivered in a fun, engaging and practical way, it creates a framework to take operations to the next level. Learn: 🍍COMMUNICATION A) SERVICE ETIQUETTE - "Back to basics – Behavior Standards that impact every department." - Foundation of knowledge - Body language - Communication etiquette - Executing a warm welcome & fond farewell B) ENGAGING COMMUNICATION - "Communication strategies for effective leadership - Win with effective communication." - Impact of poor communication - Speaking with purpose - Benefits of engaging with others efficiently - 5 Communication strategies for success 🍍OWNERSHIP A) AUTHENTIC SERVICE - "Creating value for your customers – When your words and actions match." - Be yourself, not robotic - Enliven the five senses - Steps of Anticipation - Putting yourself in the guest's shoes B) ATTITUDE & ACCOUNTABILITY - "The secret sauce to high performance - Powering up your growth mindset!" - Attitude and the role it plays - Discovering accountability - The victim cycle - 5 Steps to accountable teams 🍍ACTION TAKING: A) FAILURE RECOVERY - "Righting the service wrongs – Converting dissatisfied guests to loyal customers." - Acknowledging guest feelings are facts - How to display empathy - Delivering empowerment - How to assess service breakdowns B) GOAL EXECUTION - "The formula to take team goals to the finish line – Turning teams from goal-setters to goal-attainers!" - The challenge behind strategy - Defining THE goal - What moves the needle - Keeping score & staying accountable After this program, your team will feel compelled to create opportunities to provide memorable guest and team member experiences as part of their personal mission. Duration: 8 hours Platform: In-person or Virtually Facilitators: Michele Kline & Stephanie Leger Experts in service quality assurance & training facilitation, Michele & Stephanie have been enhancing service, inspiring leaders and developing employees in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. ----- To bring this program to your organization, book a 30 minutes discovery call by selecting "Book Now".

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Las Vegas, NV

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